mr and mrs globe trot

by renanddax

It’s as if three of my loves made love and produced a love child, as they say.  My three loves being 1) travel, 2) photography, and 3) travel photography, and their glorious bastard son:  Mr and Mrs Globe Trot.

This totally rad blog/travel journal belongs to Julia and Yuriy Manchik.  The two just happen to be wedding photographers who themselves had their own wedding in September of 2010.  Since their recent nuptials they have been trotting the globe, hence the title of the blog.  The two first headed to Paris and from there travelled in the general east direction through several countries (e.g., Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Australia, Thailand).  For SIX MONTHS!  All along the way, they have been faithfully maintaining their travel blog, furnishing postings with their day-to-day activities, interesting facts about places they travel through, and best of all, inspiring photographs.  Dreamy, creamy photographs.

In their own words:

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot serves as a photo journal of our travels. Our goal is to explore places, culture, food, people, and fashion with our camera. We plan to return home 6 months after the wedding, absolutely broke, but loaded with unforgettable memories, and more in love than ever. 

I was only recently introduced to this blog by Ren, so I’ve had a lot of catching up to do since their first blog post in August of 2010.  I believe as of today, they are back in Seattle where they live, but they continue to post their adventures in chronological order.  They are a bit behind, but I doubt any of their readers really mind.  That is, as long as they continue to churn out the posts.

Some of their photos:

Paris, France

London, England

Dubrovnik, Croatia

somewhere, Montenegro

Bari, Italy

Santorini, Greece

Istanbul, Turkey

Vienna, Austria

Budapest, Hungary

Novovolynsk, Ukraine

Blog posts from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and Australia are in our future.

If you’re wondering how these two young guns (he’s my age; she, I’m unsure) can afford to drop everything and take off for half a year, read their FAQ page.  In it they explain what sacrifices were necessary to make this trip a reality.  I will mention that they used a travel registry in lieu of more traditional wedding gifts to help with expenses.  You may remember that I posted about Traveler’s Joy, one such registry, earlier this year and my growing interest in having one for Ren and myself.

Julia and Yuriy

I’m definitely feeling a little bit jealous, but also a whole lot inspired.  So to Julia and Yuriy, I tip my imaginary hat for pulling off the greatest honeymoon I’ve ever seen.  Which are few, but still.  SIX MONTHS, for crying out loud!